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More than 2 billion people play video games, a $170+ billion industry experiencing 10–12% annual growth. An enormous amount of value is created every day by both developers and players, alike. Blockchain has ignited the ability for players to monetise that value, and created a new genre of gaming. As the industry develops, and mass adoption of blockchain gaming becomes reality, De-Fighter aims to identify trends within the current market, perfect our platform, then synchronise development with the evolving game-fi market. The De-Fighter arcade fighter game hosted on blockchain is not just fun and exciting but revives the classic combat gaming experience and offers players the opportunity to earn tokens whilst competing with other players around the world. Using a compliant BSC based token, $DFC, De-Fighter provides a comprehensive gaming economy that utilises staking and skills through the transparency of blockchain to create a decentralised fight club.
Gaming growth shows no signs of slowing, Web3 is poised for the next expansion zone.
De-Fighter is a skill-based Fight-to-Earn game that evokes nostalgia of the arcading classics like Street Fighter, Tekken or Mortal Kombat, whilst delivering an in-game economy that rewards players for their skills. Players can acquire NFT sprites, all of which have unique traits and abilities, these NFT sprites can then be used to fight other players in multiple PvP game modes.
Our 4 core game modes include the following: Fight-to-Earn model will be based on a staking method, of which a player can purchase $DFC through available DEX and CEX platforms, and stake to earn a relative amount of fights per 24 hour period. De-Fighter will also host tournaments with the ability for players to enter an elimination event with a large winners prize. Fight-for-Fun mode enables players to fight without limitation against our Ai, for XP points. Lastly, our sponsorship mode allows non competitive users to sponsor other users for both NFTs or Staked grades, to share a portion of their rewards. De-Fighter has positioned its structure for encompassing cross token communities, Utility-as-a-Service. We have secured multiple collaborations for custom Fighters and rewards pools, and as our platform expands, this will be an integral constituent of adoption and growth. With well structured mechanisms, tokenomics and scalability - De-Fighter is poised for success.

Why De-Fighter?

An in depth analysis of Gaming and Cryptocurrency industries provided us with a baseline for building our concept for De-Fighter. As we began to place key constituents together, we quickly realised the need for further development into the most adoptive demographics within the market, this founded our 4 core pillars that hold De-Fighter together.
De-Fighters 4 core pillars.